hire a coach

Track Record

Hiring a personal coach is the fastest, most effective way to ensure personal or executive success.  One of our proven results. coaches will help you discover what’s important to you, create a plan that fulfills your dreams and help you implement that plan.

We provide 1-on-1 coaching for anyone who is committed to succeeding beyond current expectations.  A  results. coach can help you achieve any goal, regardless of your track record.

Our coaches have supported entrepreneurs, individuals in transition, new business owners, failing business owners, and even one woman who was committed to getting married!

Coaching packages average about $2,500/month, with the minimum contract length of 6 months and a $500 retainer.

One-on-one coaching can happen in person or on the phone.  We have clients all over the country.  To best serve our 1-on-1 coaching clients’ needs, we limit these spots to just 10 clients per month.  Availability is not guaranteed, but when you reserve your spot today with a $500 retainer, we will contact you to discuss timing and availability for initiating a contract.  If a contract is not initiated, your retainer will be refunded in full.