Coaching sparks your passion for life and business!

Coaching sparks your passion for life and business!


Coaching is not just for Fortune 500 companies.  Goal planning, time management and productivity coaching is crucial for any individual or business to succeed.  Coaching makes the extraordinary possible.

According to a study published by the Harvard Business School, goal planning is the most crucial source of success and wealth-generation for business owners.  The study was done over a twenty-five year period with 1,600 businesses.  Of these businesses, 70% had no written or verbal plan and 27% had verbal goals only.  Only a measly 3% of the businesses in the study had their goals actually written down.  The kicker: 98% of the wealth of all 1,600 businesses was held by those 3% of the businesses that had done their goal planning.  Which percentage do you fall in?

Athletes have had coaches since the beginning of time.  Individuals that are committed to producing amazing results can benefit from this same type of coaching, but in the arena of productivity.  A coach will help you exceed your performance expectations in every area of your life. Coaching supports you to produce results beyond what you currently know to be possible.

A coach will help you…

  • Uncover what is most important to you.
  • Identify your life goals and dreams and create a vision.
  • Formulate a plan of inspired actions that produce amazing results.
  • Eliminate breakdowns that get in your way.
  • Celebrate success!


results. is committed to assisting individuals, businesses and organizations in producing amazing results.  We are specialists in goal planning, re-invention and planning inspired action.  We are committed that our clients realize their powerful visions and contribute to the quality of life in their communities.

We bring our expertise in personal productivity to your experience in your business area and together we create amazing results!


Coach Darrell Royal took over as head coach at University of Texas in December 1956, and achieved success almost instantaneously. The team went from a 1-9 season in 1956, their worst record ever, to a 6-4-1 season and a berth in the Sugar Bowl in 1957. In Royal’s 20 years as head coach, UT never had a losing season. Royal posted a 167-47-5 career record at Texas. His overall coaching record was 184-60-5.With Royal at the helm, UT won three national championships (1963, 1969, and 1970), won or shared 11 SW conference championships, and made 16 bowl appearances.

What could you accomplish with a coach?