keynote speaker.

Our CEO & Founder, Beth Gilmore is a dynamic speaker, an inspirational motivator and incredibly entertaining.  She believes that in order to harness your personal power in life, you must clearly identify your talents and dreams and find a way to contribute them to your community as a whole.

Since 1992, Beth has coached thousands of clients including entrepreneurs, business owners, teachers and CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations.  In 1995, she started her own company, The Gilmore Group, which focused on executive coaching and corporate training.  In 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began to re-evaluate her priorities.  After an 8-month treatment course and a fresh perspective on her priorities, she reinvented her business as results. in Racine, WI.  results. is committed to offering high quality, affordable coaching, workshops and seminars to individuals and small business owners.  She has over 15 years of public speaking experience and can translate any of these courses into keynote addresses.

Some keynote topics Beth has presented:

  • 3 Productivity Secrets that Will Change Your Life
  • Roadmap to Success – how to incorporate vision and planning into your life to fulfill on your dreams
  • 7 Ways to Dodge the Bad Economy – tips to boost your business in a society that seems committed to suffering
  • 5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail – 10 tools your business needs to succeed
  • Celebrate What’s Right with The World – certified instructor for video/workshop featuring Dewitt Jones
  • All You Really Need is a Kick in the Butt – the power of accountability and how to stop managing people and start being a leader
  • The Ugly Truth – how to turn around a failing business or an unfulfilling life
  • Harnessing the Power of PerfectionTM – how your response to everything in life creates your experience and your success

Please note these topics are just examples of presentations available.  We specialize in developing a program around your theme, overall mission and organizational goals.

Please contact us at 262.995.8837 for more information and to discuss specifics of budget, available dates and topic.