The Tragedy We are Living that We are Blind To

I had this great epiphany while peeling carrots yesterday; yes, carrots. When you are open for change and growth in your life, even carrots can coach you! You need a little background first, however. My family has gotten very healthy since February. Together, we have lost almost 150 pounds, 62 of those are mine. We have […]

The Power of Choice

I’ve been wildly successful on a nutritional program I started 10 weeks ago. I have a lot of weight to lose (like 160 lbs. and I’ve lost 40 so far!) I love this program and I often tell people how “easy” it is. However, this really doesn’t tell the whole truth and doesn’t always equip other people to be as […]

Monday Motivation 5

Sometimes all you need is a good laugh to start your week and Jimmy Fallon is the guy who does it for me.  #MakeItAGreatWeek #LaughterReducesStress #THEbestMedicine

Monday Motivation 4

We wear busy-ness like a badge of honor.  Really, the sleep you are NOT getting is adding to your failures and your ineffectiveness. Your lack of sleep is a function of you NOT managing your personal resources well. Arianna Huffington shares a small idea that can awaken much bigger ones: the power of a good night’s sleep. Instead […]

YOU Are Your Own Worst Enemy

I talk to potential clients all day long that really have NO idea how powerful they are.  Some are wildly successful in many areas in life, but in one area, they are just stuck and can’t move forward.  Others are wildly unsuccessful and get stopped everywhere; they have multiple failures and can’t figure out why […]

What are You Creating in Your Life? It’s NOT What You Think!

I’m a social media whore.  Ok, let’s be kind… I’m a floozy.  I love it.  I value the ability to connect with so many people I would never, otherwise, connect with.  I learn from social media.  I laugh from social media.  I get much of my news–family and world–from social media.  I carry FB with […]

Can I Just Hit Snooze on My Life?

As a life coach, I spend my days working to inspire, motivate and encourage people to be more positive and productive in their lives.  My work is all about helping people like YOU make their dreams a reality in their day-to-day lives.  So, given all that positivity, I obviously wake up in the morning full […]

You Were MADE For This

The holidays are an exciting time for most of us.  With the sparkling glow of lights on the tree and neatly wrapped packages full of surprises, we anticipate Christmas with a child’s hope and look forward to unwrapping a shiny new year.  It is also a time when we may begin to reflect on things […]

Operate In the Miraculous

How many of you, growing up, would say to yourselves “When I get older, I want to be mediocre!”  None of us… we all wanted to be heroes– doctors curing cancer, firemen, teachers, inventors, even adventurers.  Yet most of us get older and get less motivated, more beat down by life, and settle for being […]

You ARE Powerful: Isn’t it Amazing?

Part 3 of a 3-part Series Urge surfing gives us power.  It gives us power because it makes us conscious.  When we use Marlatt’s SOBER technique mentioned in Wednesday’s blog, we begin to see the automatic ways of thinking and behaviors that covertly control our lives and direct us.  These bad habits eventually disappear when […]