What Do You Value?

I often talk about how important it is to prioritize your daily tasks based on your values… but what are values?  I’m not talking about morals or ethics.  Values are literally the things that you VALUE most in your life.  Most of us are unclear about what is most important, and therefore, we lack the […]

Get Your A$$ In the Game!

I love to talk about failure.  I love to talk about all of its gifts; about how failure really is the source of growth in life.  But there is something that comes before that… it’s called participation.  In order to fail, you actually have to be PARTICIPATING in your life.  You need to be out […]

The 3 Crucial Components to Achieving Any Goal

As people head into the new year, typically they are focused on setting goals for themselves.  Over 50% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution of some sort; that’s over 156 MILLION people trying to do better.  Some set work goals and some set personal goals.  In a recent study by the University of Scranton in […]

Once Upon A Time In a Land Called Failure…

There was once a man who was an entrepreneur and inventor.  He had big ideas and dreams, but struggled for some time to get any of his ideas off the ground.  He experienced failed attempt after failed attempt.  Finally, after failing to get multiple businesses and product lines off the ground, he had a success. […]

Do You Know the Source of Your Employee’s Failure?

Inadequate communication from employees is the biggest source of frustration for most managers and business owners.  Poor communication is also the biggest source for lack of productivity in the work place.  If your employee is failing, it is because they are not communicating properly… and if they are out of communication with you, it means […]

5 Traits of Businesses That Are Coming Back BIG

With a slow economy, there is no end to clients for a business coach.  Big or small, lots of businesses are suffering right now.  Still, my passion is small business owners.  I love the possibility that they create: from nothing but an idea to a brick and mortar business that thrives.  Anyone can start a […]

Change Your View, Change the Moment

I woke up this morning to my third rainy, gray and cold day at Seaside, Oregon.  My fantasy of a sunny, exhilarating Memorial Day weekend filled with bonfires and shell-hunting had crashed head-on, 100 miles an hour into a concrete block wall; there were no survivors. It was 6 a.m. and I started to contemplate what […]

Defining Bravery – Superhero Style

I am writing this on location in the heat of Tennessee.  There are two things I’ve concluded on this vacation so far – I love my Garmin and I frequently entertain the idea of selling my son to the gypsies.  I choose gypsies just because that’s what my Mom used to say.  My Mom also […]

A New World is A New Mind

This is one of my favorite quotes by William Carlos Williams, a physician and renowned American poet.  It speaks to the fact that whenever a human being chooses to evolve, he may do so by first declaring it.  In order to grow, you must first have the desire to change.  In order to change, all […]