The App that Saved My Life

Frankly, I hate Twitter.  I don’t really understand it.  I do use it, but I don’t really get it… after all, it’s not like Facebook–now, THAT I understand. On FB, you friend people and discover all sorts of interesting things about their lives.  You see pictures of their kids and their vacations… sometimes even what they’re […]

A Perfect Solution if You Are a Slave to Email

I have a past client who is easily one of the most focused and productive human beings on the planet… and this isn’t because of me, it is his “auto-pilot” mode.  Like many of you, his business is fast-paced and full of interruptions.  It began as a one-man family business and has grown into a multi-million dollar organization […]

Monday Motivation 3

Don’t let fear stop you this week. Fear is a liar. This video will be the best nine minutes you spend today: “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciuosly give other people permission to do the same… because we are liberated from our own fear.  Our presence automatically liberates others.” Fear is a […]

Monday Motivation 2

Good morning!  This week, let’s focus on pushing ourselves beyond where we would normally stop.  I love this video because it tells us that GETTING stuck is not the problem: STAYING stuck is!  If we believe it, we can BE it and DO it.  Keep growing, keep stretching and keep transforming yourself. Focus on who you are […]

3 Steps to Avoiding Self Sabotage

We have all heard it said that most people are not afraid of failure… rather, we are afraid of success. What will we do if we have enough money? Who will we be without the struggles we are currently facing? How will we know ourselves if we jump over that hurdle we’ve been wrestling with […]

Monday Motivation 1

Hey result producers! Let’s face it, Mondays are a little hard… especially in the summer.  So, to help give you that little morning motivation you need to set the tone for your day and week, we’re kicking off something new this week.  Every Monday we will post a short video as a “Monday Motivation” to help […]

Does Your Energy & Passion Help You Stand Out?

I love this video.  I frequently joke that this goat, Buttermilk, is like my daughter.  She is full of energy, spunk and easily differentiates herself from the rest of the “herd.” Isn’t this EXACTLY how we want to be in our businesses, and in our lives? We want to be the one that has more […]

5 Hacks for Eliminating Stress & Boosting Effectiveness

Did you know that most Americans are living with stress levels significantly higher than what psychologists believe to be healthy? One out of 4 people say that they are not doing enough to manage their stress. Are you one of those people? This, according to the American Psychological Association, is one of the biggest threats to our health, success and […]

Failure is Your BEST Teacher; Embrace Him

Your relationship to failure is what dictates your long-term success.  If you avoid failure, fear it and try never to make a mistake, you can never grow and develop in ways necessary to accomplish your biggest dreams.  If you view failure as part of your life’s journey–as a teacher, if you will–you can reap all […]

Too Much of a Good Thing is Still Just TOO MUCH

With technology moving faster than the speed of light these days, we can get answers, and information faster than every before. We have computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Any information we want is LITERALLY at our fingertips. Answers are a good thing, right? …not if the answers and information come faster than you can sort, […]