The App that Saved My Life

Frankly, I hate Twitter.  I don’t really understand it.  I do use it, but I don’t really get it… after all, it’s not like Facebook–now, THAT I understand. On FB, you friend people and discover all sorts of interesting things about their lives.  You see pictures of their kids and their vacations… sometimes even what they’re eating for dinner.  And then, you share the same.  I like that–I UNDERSTAND that.  But to post something amazing, or even slighting interesting, in 140 characters or less… well, that seems impossible to me and, dare I say, irrelevant.

Yet, every guru in social media says that if you want to maximize success, you have to get OVER it.  Evidently, I MUST use Twitter.  So I do, but I’m VERY inconsistent with my tweets and I really don’t know who to “follow,” what to say, etc.  How do you even GET one thousand followers, let alone tens of thousands.  After all, I’m no Nick Jonas or Britney Spears.

feedsumo-twitter_400x400ENTER FeedSumo… my savior. This tool lets me load links to all my great content: my posts, my promos and all of the other people’s posts that I think are really great to share and help my clients move their lives and businesses forward.  And, the great thing about FeedSumo is these posts don’t disappear! They are stored in a library and repeat every 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on how many I’ve loaded.  This way, my great content doesn’t get lost if it’s not widely viewed the first time it goes live.  My followers will get a chance to interact with it again in 90 days. And, if I decide I no longer love the content, I can remove it and load something else into my rotation.

FeedSumo is sheer genius. I have been lucky enough to beta test it for a couple months.  The first month I used it, it boosted my profile visits 1,600% (NOT A TYPO!) and my tweet impressions from 194 to OVER 9,000.  I could hardly believe it!  Now (9/2015) I have over 600 followers and am heading straight up!  And, the craziest part is, believe it or not, I’m actually enjoying interacting with Twitter on a daily basis!

I cannot say enough about this tool.  Check FeedSumo out today and try it for free while it is still in its beta stage:

(And, just for the record, this is not my product, I’m not an affiliate trying to sell you something… I get nothing from promoting it except the satisfaction of remedy-ing a headache for you! #GoBeProductive)


Beth Gilmore

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