3 Steps to Avoiding Self Sabotage

We have all heard it said that most people are not afraid of failure… rather, we are afraid of success. What will we do if we have enough money? Who will we be without the struggles we are currently facing? How will we know ourselves if we jump over that hurdle we’ve been wrestling with our whole life?  Self sabotage is real. It helps us avoid pushing beyond where we normally stop and keeps us comfortable.

How many times has that little voice in your head stopped you from doing something that you know you REALLY NEEDED to do in order to win at life?  (That voice that just said “what little voice?”) Everyone gets stopped from time to time by that little voice that urges you to remain lazy. However, when this behavior becomes habitual, it turns into self-sabotage.voice in your head

Self sabotage is when you consistently hold yourself back from doing things that will make your life, and your business, better.  You may be choosing it because of fear, not knowing how it will turn out, or simply because it’s hard and you don’t want to.  Self sabotage is the leading cause of failure in business, and in life.  That little voice in your head is NOT your friend; it will have you eating Cheetos and sitting comfortably on the couch for the rest of your life, if you listen.  Sure there was a time in the dinosaur days where that voice had a purpose: it kept us safe and from being breakfast for a T. Rex, but TODAY, for most of us, it has worn out its welcome.

So how do you overcome that voice and its influence?  Here are 3 things you can do EVERY TIME YOU hear “…probably should just forget about that” in your head:

  1. When you hear that little voice, just say “Thanks for sharing!” and move on with the next step of your plan.  The voice isn’t the problem, it’s that we listen to it and follow its advice.
  2. Get clear about who you are and what you want in life. Make sure you have a vision statement; one that you are MADLY passionate about.  Be sure it is posted everywhere–screen saver, framed on your wall, on your phone, etc. If your environment is calling you to be amazing, your little voice will eventually fade away.
  3.  PLAN EVERYTHING! Schedule your days. Have an action plan for achieving your vision and follow it. If you know where you are going and what you are supposed to be doing to get there, self sabotage won’t have room to grow and entangle you.

That little voice in your head is no more than a weatherman commenting on how you feel and YOU ARE NOT YOUR FEELINGS.  Be your vision, be strong and don’t let your “weather” get in your way!

CALL TO ACTION: Choose at least one of the 3 steps and practice it every day this week.  Comment below on how that worked for you!

Beth Gilmore

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