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D53-56 Falling Off the Wagon

I saw this meme today but honestly, I’m still just frustrated with myself. I’m really sick of the roller coaster: doing great for several weeks, going underground the next. I know I’m making progress, but I want it faster, more consistently. This impatience, though, is what has sabotaged my efforts in the past. I have […]

D52 – Do Things That Scare You

This summer, I had a conversation with each of my family members to figure out what their “Summer Dreams” list was… think bucket list for the summer. It’s important to me that I do what I can to cause a great family summer and this was a new twist. Everyone came up with several things […]

D51 – Sometimes The Truth Hurts

Ugh! I had my annual wellness exam for our health insurance today. It sucked. I hate it. There is nothing more humiliating for a fat girl than being weighed, measured and evaluated by some stranger. He was nice, but holy cow, I KNOW I’M FAT. I don’t need you to make conversation with me about […]