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Remember When the World First Stopped…

by Featured Guest, Sheila Simonsen Sheila is a certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist that has been working with youth and families in the Racine, Wisconsin community for the past 20 years. She love everything about her home town from its beautiful lake front to the amazing community theatre. When work and family aren’t keeping her […]

D82 – Time for a Routine Refresh?

How are those morning routines going? Just like anything else, sometimes you need a morning routine refresh. Maybe you just aren’t doing them, or maybe they aren’t doing it for you anymore. Either way, WAKE UP! Change them up so that you are choosing your day, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. My morning routine is vital to […]

D81 – Just Be a MESS

Can I get an “Amen?” LMBO This meme made me laugh so hard today! Isn’t this SO TRUE? Drilling down into yourself and confronting the areas you have been stuck in or where you have stopped in your life is invariably messy. So, let’s just be a mess. This journey sometimes gets harder before it […]