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D71 – It’s Not So Great Being a Know-It-All

“The first step on the path to failure is the phrase ‘I know this already.’” Truer words were never spoken. I realize now I’ve been coming at my being stuck all wrong: with arrogance. I already know what to do about my past trauma. I already know what it takes to lose weight. I already […]

D65-70 Real & Raw

I’ve distinguished something big today: I always have to be strong and do it alone… and that, my friends, is what is at the core of me not breaking through this weight barrier. I need help. I need accountability… and I need to tell the truth to the people around me when I’m struggling. I’m […]


As human beings, we constantly worry about things that are beyond our control. Even further, that worry turns into anxiety and we make a huge deal about things that really are just NO. BIG. DEAL. Take my colonoscopy, for example: I’ve avoided it for over two years because I didn’t want to be uncomfortable, the […]