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D31 – Make Your Own Luck

There is so much power in anchoring yourself in what’s important. If you know how you want your life to look, the more intentionally you focus on those goals, the more you make them happen. A lot of times people will look from the outside of your life and talk about how “lucky” you are… […]

D30 – It’s Not About PERFECT

” It’s not about PERFECT, it’s about EFFORT… and if you put in the effort every single day, that is what brings transformation–that’s what brings about change. “ I made a promise to myself. During this trip to Mexico I am not going to drink and I am going to manage my calories daily. I […]


This next week is going to be a HUGE challenge. I’m going to Mexico and I’ve committed to not only track everything I eat and stick to my calorie budget, but to also abstain from drinking alcohol. I’ve spent so much of my life putting healthy choices off because it was the holidays, or vacation, […]